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Detail from a Win Jones watercolor


If you wish to contact Win, you may do so using this address:

Win and Judy's Florida Studio
325 Sea Woods Dr. N
St. Augustine, FL 32080
(904) 461-3330

Win can also be reached via his e-mail address.

NOTE: Studio hours are by appointment only.


Fleeting images of Victorian figures floating in and out of strangely contemporary settings - airports, subway mazes, malls...


...emotionally evocative soft colors that soothe and invite...


...dreams drifting away in the fog...


...these are a few of the descriptors that have been used to portray a Win Jones' watercolor. They are a start, but they don't capture the essence. His artwork is surreal, but not disconcerting - peaceful, yet provocative, drawing the thoughts and feelings into fresh areas.

A Win Jones painting stays in the mind after the initial encounter is over. It hangs on the wall not as a static picture, but as an image that changes as the viewer grows in familiarity and explores the emotional landscape.

Win Jones is a self taught watercolorist, influenced more by personal vision than by the styles of others. That might explain the subtle difference often felt by those who view the collection of his art. Few would dispute that this man's talent is genuine and his vision captivating, alluring, and relevant.

The paintings shown in the Portfolio section of this website are offered as representative examples of Win Jones' work. His paintings are often sold before they can be listed. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Win Jones by phone or e-mail to find out more about his current offerings of paintings, limited prints and greeting card collections.

In addition, Calendar information regarding Win's upcoming demos, workshops and classes are listed here for your convenience. These listings will be updated as changes warrant, so please feel free to check back occasionally. You will also find Galleries that are presenting Win's work, and a list of awards he has won.

Thank you for visiting Win Jones' website. Please contact Win for inquiries or other communications relevant to him. Contact the Webmaster if you see anything amiss or if you have input concerning the website itself.





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